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“Smoking is INJURIOUS to Health” is often seen printed at the bottom of a cigarette pack. It has been associated with lot health ailments like cancer, emphysema and other cardiovascular and lung diseases. It is also known to be a primary cause of impotence, gives foul breath and also deposits a layer of tar on the teeth, both of which are socially unacceptable. Apart from all these, the littered view of cigarette butts strewn or of the spilled ash on stairs and roads and other such places also presents a dismal feeling in one’s mind.  The addiction also costs dearly on one’s budget. Technology has come with a solution to these problems posed by the normal cigarettes, and that is in the form of an electronic cigarette. Though they are not so eminent in the common society, one can buy electronic cigarettes online


Electronic Cigarettes – A Brief Introduction


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are a technological version of the cigarettes available in the market, which are made from tobacco, paper and cotton. The composition of an e-cigarette on the other hand, consists of a battery in place of tobacco and cartridges in place of nicotine. Even the smoke emanating from their use consists of water vapour. The cartridges are filled with the flavourings containing the desired nicotine level. They have the advantage over normal cigarettes that

  1. No foul breath is formed in the mouth after having them
  2. They do not deposit a layer of tar on teeth. 
  3. It can be re-filled, re-used and are recyclable also. Therefore, there is no littering of cigarette stubs around.

Where to buy an e-cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a new technology, devised in the year 2003. Therefore, one would have difficulty finding it at a normal retail store. One can opt to buy electronic cigarettes online, as a number of dealers offer them there. One can also select many different kinds of flavours like vanilla, coffee, cola, Boston cream pie, Cherry Crush, Cool Menthol and other such flavours. A number of manufacturers like V2cigs, Smokeless Image, EverSmoke, Smokefree, South Beach Smoke and many other such electronic cigarettes brands offer different kinds of flavoured cigarettes. Also, there are many different brands of e-cigarettes like Smokeless Image Volt, V9 e-cigarettes, Smokeless e-cigarettes, Rite Smoke e-cigarettes, and Cloud e-cigarettes, which are offered online.

Each e-cigarette comes with a separate kit, consisting of a rechargeable battery, charger, nicotine cartridge, flavours of the preferred choice and nicotine strength. Different manufacturers offer their own kinds of kits, for example, the V2cigs have their own set of kits like V2 standard kits and V2 Express Kit. This kit provides a cartridge available in two flavours namely V2 Red and Menthol flavour. The strength for these flavours is also varied in 3 levels viz. full, medium and light. 

Similarly, there are a lot of variations available for the Smokeless Image Volt. The different kits available for it are Basic starter kit, standard starter kit, pro starter kit, premium starter kit, as well as a few flavour kits like Ice Menthol Pack and Tobacco Pack. The flavoured kits consist of a battery two numbers of the flavour cartridge, and a USB charger available at a price of USD 19.95 from the manufacturer’s website. The flavour of the starter kits on the other hand vary as per the demands of the customer. There are many different flavours available on platter like Country, Ice Menthol, Grape, Freedom, Mint Cherry, Cappuccino, Desert Joe, and many other flavours. The strength of the nicotine level varies as per the demand which can range from 0.0 % to as high as 2.4 %, depending upon the preference of the customer. The kits consist of a battery, a USB charger, and apart from that 5 filter tips or cartridges containing the flavour with the selected nicotine level chosen by the customer.

These electronic cigarettes have a great presence online, where they are sold on many online portals which offer the buyers to buy electronic cigarettes online at a discounted price. Alternately, they can be purchased directly from the manufacturers who provide access to consumers to purchase the kits directly from them, as for example, V2cigs offers its V2 Express Kit at a price of USD 29.95. 

E Cig Battery Types

June 24, 2013


Difference between the manual and automatic batteries:

The usage of V2cigs is quite different, when compared to the old fashioned ignitable cigarette. When you start inhaling the e-cig, it ignites it. After couple of stronger puffs you will certainly start enjoying stronger puff. When you do so, the liquid inside it is heated up and reaches an appropriate temperature. It is very important to choose the right content so that you can enjoy the smoking. For beginners, light strength flavored cartridges is best recommended. You can buy sample kit, to test it.

Manual batteries are controlled using buttons and gives greater level of precision for producing thick vapors. You can try both to find which is more suitable for your needs. V2cigs promo codes provide variety of discounts and buy the battery that you like using it.
You start the cartridge with few short puffs and which gives you real smoking experience. Just relax yourself and enjoy the thick vapor of V2.

Vapor couture for women

It is exclusively manufactured by V2 for women folks and it is obtainable in elegant design and stylish accessories. The cartridges of Vapor couture are obtainable in different colors and pattern. Essential kit can be purchased at $79.95 and you can reduce this price with the aid of coupon or promo codes. It consists of the following things such as:
Automatic batteries
User manual
Mini smart charger
Wall charger
2 to 5 packs flavor cartridges

Battery is available in different colors such as brushed platinum, deep purple, rose gold and white signat

ure pattern. The bottom most part of the cartridge is studded with a shining stone. You can purchase them at different strength such as 0, 6, 12 and 18.

How to use the code?
The codes are a set of alphanumeric characters, which must be copied from the respective website. When you are buying the cartridge or kit, type the code in the respective box, once it is authorized and that amount will be detected from the total amount.
Disposable cartridge is the apt for people who are willing to try e-cigs for the first time. It comes with automatic battery. You don’t have to go through the hassle of charging them very frequently. Such cigarettes can be best used when you are travelling. They can be purchased in 10, 80 or 100 packs.

The most popular E cigarette brands


Rise in popularity of e-cigarettes

The rise of demand of electronic cigarettes have resulted several brands to jump in the competition to manufacture the electronic cigarettes. Currently wide ranges of e cigarette brands are available in the market but individuals have to choose the best one. For the convenience of the smokers, the list of the most popular e cigarette brands is given below.

Top four e cigarette brands


1. Smokeless image e cigarette
Recently introduced in the market this e cigarette brand has successfully captured the market and achieved the top position among the top electronic cigarette brands. It includes a high quality cartomizer and battery. The kit is reasonably priced as compared to the services provided by it. A pack of smokeless image e cigarette is available for $ 29.99 to $ 94.99. Three month warranty along with money back warranty has been offered by the brand.

2. Bloog maxx fusion electronic cigarette
This brand has gained immense popularity among the e-cigarette users. KR808D – I was the first product launched by brand. It has set up a new standard for two piece electronic cigarettes of cartomizers. In fact, the brand has emerged as the biggest manufacturer of the e-cigarettes. Users can enjoy the strong satisfying effects created by this brand from the very first puff. Blog maxx fusion offers the same experience of smoking as created by the traditional cigarettes. It has been ranked as the best e cigarette brand that is available with 30 day guarantee.

3. V2 cigs electronic cigarette brand
This e cigarette brand includes two piece electronic cigarettes with cartomizer. The price is this brand is affordable for the users as compared to other brands available in the market. This e cigarette brand offers similar taste and feel like a traditional cigarette. The brand pays special stress on the fine quality of e-cigs. All the exotic flavors of tobacco are offered by the v2 cigs to let you have experience the traditional smoking.

4. Vapor4life vapor king e cigarette
Vapor4life has carried on vast research and studies to analyze the need of every individual about the different flavors available in the electronic cigarettes. KR808D- 1 model is available with improved version with certain specifications. The battery backup of this electronic cigarette brand is also high. It is available as two piece optimized KR808D type of cartomizer. The starter kit price of this e cigarette brand ranges between $ 45 and $ 99.95 along with a guarantee of about 45 days.

Importance of electronic cigarettes
Electronic cigarette is great revolution to get rid from the evil habit of smoking and protect you from the harmful chemicals found in the traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is the best protection against the cancer causing tobacco. It is best replacement for the traditional cigarettes and contains nothing more than water vapor. It is free from nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and all other harmful elements. Existing or new users can switch to any of the e cigarette brands referred above.